Donations Web App

I am building a complete web application with Laravel, Vue and PostgreSQL.

The donations web application will allow charities to sign up and receive donations via a page that they can customise.

Initially Stripe will be used to accept payments. Sparkpost will be used to deal with transactional emails.

For managing the project I will be using Trello.

Episodes (most recent first)

Episode 7: Logging with Papertrail

23 Nov 2017

Logging is important!

In this episode I integrate Laravel with Papertrail and add some colour highlighting.

Episode 6: Gravatars

20 Nov 2017

A simple model accessor allows us to access or generate the user profile image using a Gravatar.

Episode 5: Editing Your Profile

16 Nov 2017

In this episode I build functionality so that users can change their name and email address via a validated form.

Episode 4: Login, Logout

14 Nov 2017

In this episode I use (and then customise) Laravel's authentication scaffolding so I can log in and log out.

Episode 3: Feature Planning

07 Nov 2017

In this episode I go through the features I expect to include in release 1 of my application. Hear me work through what features to include and the the order to develop them.

Episode 2: Front End Tools, Laravel Mix, Templates

25 Oct 2017

With Laravel installed in episode 1 I'm now setting up some basic scaffolding using Minton: a template based on Bootstrap.

Episode 1: Creating a new Laravel Project, Configuration

22 Oct 2017

In this first video I install Laravel 5.5 and configure the environment and config files.